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The first three episodes of this season were brilliant but the last two sucked.First of all either have more Wilson in the episodes or no Wilson at all.Cameron and Cuddy can't replace him simply because they don't have the same dynamic House and Wilson have.Cuddy's jokes with House were stupid and far below his level no wonder House walks all over her.Wilson is House's equal neither Cuddy or Cameron come close to that.Speaking of Cameron is she the Mrs Slocombe of House?What's with the blonde hair?It doesn't suit her at all.Why is Chase still on this show?His character is pointless always has been he wasn't in the first episode of this season and noone really missed him.House doesn't need new ducklings just hire the jenator from this seasons first episode that guy was brilliant while I'm at it also get that male nurse from that episode it was obvious he fancied Wilson I would love to see an all male triangle haven't seen that since "Shameless".

I'm sorry I'm rattling away but House is about the only show I'm this passionate about :unsure:
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