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:hail: OMG IMiss...I was talking about that Bope "Hero" episode just the other day and ended up with that song stuck in my head.lol :lol: It is back now....I enjoyed watching the whole scene and made my daughter watch it with me. Beautifully Kampy!

I loved today's show...To me it was obvious that Sami loves Ej. She freaked out when he was shot. She later went into what looked like shock to me. She announced herself as his wife, insisted she go to the hospital, Refused to call Lucas, and when telling Shawn to call and tell Lucas she loved him she did it with the most placid tone...You could tell her thoughts were with Ej. I think Sami is in denial that she loves two men. I see Colleen as the voice of her true desires and feelings. Sami's defenses are slowly being chipped away. I think there is a VERY good chance that during this shooting ordeal she will come to realize she loves Ej and more then she ever loved Lucas.

And I for one will be SOOOOO happy when that day arrives...Cuz I just love Ejami! :cheer:

My final comment: My god can Phillip get any sexier? ! JKJ just gets hotter and hotter with every episode...I can not wait for Chloe to return so Belle can feel the burn of jealousy. :whip:
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