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Friday, November 9, 2007
Strike Update from DAYS and GH Writers
Tom Casiello ("Days of our Lives")

When last we left our heroes... I had left Marlena in quite a precarious position, and the countdown to a showdown began, as the Bradys and DiMeras all individually were heading to the same place at the same time...

And what will happen?

I have no idea. And I don't know if we ever will.

I'm sure everyone reading this as been overloaded with news segments and blogs re: the writers strike. You know the details, and if you don't, well they're certainly easy to dig up on the web. (www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com)

I understand and completely support my union, which is something I haven't always been able to say. But in this case, I believe they're in the right, and the AMPTP is trying to screw us.

But having said that, I feel alone this week. For the last eight years, I've spent much of my work week getting into the minds and hearts of various fictional characters. Some have stayed with me over the years, and I still check in with them time and again, as they left their mark on me and I miss putting words in their mouths. For the last year and a half, though... I've had my dream job. Characters I knew like the back of my hand... families I grew up with on my TV screen... and a love for my job that I've never really had until this point. Salem has truly become a second home.

Now my week consists of Q&A meetings, picket lines, my couch, and a bunch of video games (Guitar Hero, anyone?). It's only Day Four, and I miss Steve and Kayla, and Bo and Hope, and I'm nearly foaming at the mouth to dive into the big conclusion of the DiMera/Brady story. And I can't. I'm not even allowed to find out what happened with the Christmas episode I worked my ass off on a few weeks ago. Any phone call could elicit gossip, whispers of "scab", and "Why does a writer want to see it?"

You know why I want to see it? Because I care about how it turned out. Because I want to know the show will be good. I want to write more than anything, but right now... I just want to make sure our show is in good hands. And the sense of urgency we've been trying to build comes to real fruition - a smashing conclusion that we can all be proud of. And that's now been taken out of all of our hands. And I can live with that... what's proving difficult is putting Salem on hold for so long. I don't know who the residents will be when... or if... I return.

David Goldschmid ("General Hospital")
I've been walking the picket line for four days now and I still find other writers walking with me who are stunned when I tell them my show is being written by scab writers *as we speak.* Primetime and feature writers don't have to worry about this problem. But we do; we soap writers are the first/worst to suffer in this awful strike that will (hopefully) benefit us all. I just wish the rest of the writers in other parts of the entertainment industry knew how badly we daytime scribes were getting screwed for them...

And as for former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who just yesterday called our WGA strike "stupid?" He can sit and spin on a lead pipe, for all I care! What's so "stupid" about trying to safeguard my future?? Eisner and his billionaire studio head cronies are trying to keep unions out of the internet - which is conveniently the future hub for ALL entertainment. These greedy studio heads aren't satisfied being richer than Midas; they're trying to become richer than God.


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