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Nov 9 2007, 07:01 PM
Have to respectfully disagree with you. I fully support the WGA because why write if you're going to end up not having anything to show for it? Why let the corporate bigwigs make all the money off of something you created?

If they were creating it, I'd give it to them. Well, them and the people who select the music, especially on tv. I just read an article the other day that mentioned all the caterers, hairstylists; etc. who are out of work with this and won't get any upgrade so...what little sympathy I had is gone.

As for why write: because it's who you are and you can't not do it, and you're one of the lucky few who gets to get paid something for expressing yourself and embracing your passion as a career instead of as a hobby.

Still, I respect that they have the right to strike.

As far as Days with a cliffhanger: when was the last real cliffhanger on the show? Seriously, I can't imagine it will be all that serious, unless they intentionally set one for this eventuality.
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