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Viewing Single Post From: Strike Update from DAYS and GH Writers
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Nov 9 2007, 10:18 PM
People think the scab writers are going to be so much better for any show they uses them. They are not. These people don't have loyalty to their own professional they are not going to have loyalty to the show they will write for. Those shows will probably be worse in the ends. Ridiculous plots, dragging out of storylines, changing random things.

I read on Snark's blog that this time they're hiring real soap writers as the scabs, but doing everything in their power to protect them and offer them post-strike positions. In past strikes not all soaps have suffered, as mentioned before, Another World improved so much in 1988 that the strike writer took over and is STILL a well respected soap writer. Ryan's Hope also improved during the 1981 strike, which recently played on SOAPnet.

If we don't have scab writers, soaps will be pulled off the air. Do you honestly think soaps can survive 5 months to a year, completely off the air?! This strike will get them nothing, but could hurt them the most. I respect everyone working to keep the soaps on air.

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