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Viewing Single Post From: Strike Update from DAYS and GH Writers
Steve Frame
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Nov 9 2007, 10:18 PM
People think the scab writers are going to be so much better for any show they uses them. They are not. These people don't have loyalty to their own professional they are not going to have loyalty to the show they will write for. Those shows will probably be worse in the ends. Ridiculous plots, dragging out of storylines, changing random things.

You cannot say that they are not loyal to their profession. This has nothing to do with their prefession. Writers are not on strike. The WGA is on strike. If writers were on strike then anyone who is a writer of a book, an independent film, anything would not be writing. This is the WGA union that is striking. The Writers Guild of America. Not every TV writer is a member of that union. Some are not even allowed to be members of the union.
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