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Streetcorner Philosopher

Nov 9 2007, 10:46 PM
It also makes it sound like Days may be on through the strike so maybe we are getting scabs too.  Anything to keep the soaps on works for me.

How do you support the guild and want scabs to keep soaps on?

Part of their goal, as in any strike, is to deprive you of what you love so that you put pressure on the studios to settle it. They don't mind killing soaps to get their internet revenues & an increased cut of DVD sales. But if you want scabs...

(I'm not trying to pick on you here, I'm just wonderin')

Also, seriously people- Days is not about to catch fire. Let's not get carried away here. They couldn't write before the strike, and they didn't, like, get serious about it right before walking off the job to get more money.
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