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I think Sami and EJ were both meant to be the victims. Either that or we had people out for different things. Perhaps most were out for EJ and one was out for Sami. We'll see. I still think and hope the lady in black was Marlena.

I loved this episode.

Nice Bo/Shawn scenes. I love these two together and good to see Shawn taking responsibility and trying to improve and impress.

The Belle/Philip stuff wasn't bad. Claire was so cute and she is talking so well. The accident was sad and I loved the slow motion there. Martha and the twins that play Claire (how good were they!) were heartbreaking. That doctor in the ER annoyed me though. I wanted Claire to hit him or something. Good scenes though.

The shooting scenes were well-done. I noticed that when EJ moved to kiss Sami he kind of stepped in her way so maybe the person out to get Sami fired and EJ took that bullet and the other shooters out for EJ never fired. I am still trying to figure why they all waited until AFTER they were married, unless the justification was that Sami married him so she held her bargain and then someone tried to off EJ. The directing was solid. Joe and Ali were great. Ali shined with her reaction and Stefano's warnings to Sami concerning her family were chilling. I really loved the end scene where we saw Stefano just walk out and burst through the doors. Awesome. Good ending.

Seeing Lucas with Billie was good too. I'm confused about his gun. It doesn't look like he took it. Lucas thinking of taking a drink was a nice touch and was well played by Bryan. Loved the Kate/Philip scene. Intense and LK and JKJ played it well. Steve/Caroline was good too. I wonder how all this will fit together.

Monday looks like another good one. Really good way to cap the week.
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