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Steve Frame
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Today's show had great family stuff, great drama, great acting, but for some reason I just couldn't appreciate any of it. It makes me sad to see people pour their heart and soul into this material, but yet the writing be so bad. And not the scripts, it's the basic stories themselves. I love Carly but I can't support her at all in what she did here. It is one thing to lie to Jack but to lie to her kids like she did. And to force others to keep her secret. They show her they love her and keep it at the detriment of their own relationships.

It is just a sickening story. And I am tired of just watching Carly repeat the same mistake with Jack over and over and over again. I mean we have gone through Carly's redemption already and watched Carly become a more mature person who still made mistakes every once in awhile. But the last 2 to 3 years it is just one lie after another and one mistake after another.
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