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The Suds Report: November 12, 2007
By Nelson Branco

‘GH’ star sentenced, and Jason tells Lucky the truth! Marston fired on ‘OLTL’! EJ paralyzed on ‘Days’! Will Victoria die on ‘Y&R’?

"Soap opera actors are so underappreciated. The training that you get there — learning to memorize, tap into emotions — it's an excellent format for any young actress to start on. I still have a tremendous respect for soap acting and have never looked down on the medium. In fact, I’d return for a short-term gig on a soap in heartbeat."
– Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Vivica A. Fox (ex-Stephanie, Y&R; ex-Maya, Generations) tells me at the after-party for her Whatever She Wants play/musical (co-starring former Generations leading man Richard Roundree) in South Beach, Miami

At press time, the writers’ strike is in full effect, however our soaps will not be affected until January – with the exception of Guiding Light, which has been penned until February 2008. Insiders doubt the strike will last another week; as one source tells me, “It’s the fall season, and networks won’t lose millions of dollars for a few percentage points of residual income from DVDs and online downloads.” Let’s hope so — though I’m secretly dying to see how Y&R is written by someone else. Seriously, I’m hoping the strike ends soon, because I can’t interview any writers until then.

ABC Daytime and SOAPnet will launch their first 14-month calendar, called Hot Guys 2008, which showcases the sexiest men of AMC, OLTL and GH. They’ll be available for pre-order at ABC’s Super Soap Weekend, running Nov. 10-11 at Disney MGM Studios, and fans can also purchase them on Nov. 12 at abctvstore.com.

“This is part of an ongoing strategic effort to extend the brand to our fans,” said Brian Frons, president of daytime for Disney ABC Television Group. “Now our fans can have a date with their favorite soap stars 365 days a year.” The calendar features AMC’s Thorsten Kaye, Cameron Mathison, Aiden Turner and Jacob Young; OLTL’s Kamar de los Reyes, Michael Easton, David Fumero, John-Paul Lavoisier and Trevor St. John; and GH’s Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Tyler Christopher, Jason Thompson and Greg Vaughan.

All My Children (A-Channel/ABC) — Super-couple royalty returning? Rambin leaving?
According to Soaps in Depth, AMC is considering bringing back the Hubbards, hoping to lure back Emmy winners Debbi Morgan (ex-Angie) and Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse; ex-Jacob, The City) as daytime’s original black super-couple. Now that’s a comeback I’d tune in for — and it’s one freakin’ brilliant idea. If this happens, I’ll be giving mad props to AMC. Also, I’m hearing from a reliable source that Levin Rambin (Lily/Ava) is itching for her contract to expire and will most definitely hightail it out of Pine Valley as soon as she can.

On the story front this week, Zach disappears after being hit by a car driven by Richie; Julia comes across something shocking at Wildwind; Hannah admits the truth to Tad; Ryan gets a lead; and Richie kisses Babe.

As the World Turns (Global/CBS) — Jack to Carly: “I don’t!”
The truth comes out this week when Carly admits to Jack that she isn’t dying, and he dumps her at the altar! When Jack runs back to Katie, she tells him to screw off, turning her attentions to sexy Brad instead. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? Also, expect Luke to regain feeling in his legs and other regions; Bonnie to fall for Holden; Meg’s paternity results to be revealed; Emily to turn her back on Dusty; and Gwen’s dream to almost be realized. And on Thursday, the moment Holden fears happens: Lily gets down and dirty with Dusty! In casting news, expect to see the last of Daniel Hugh Kelly (Col. Mayer) on Nov. 20 — at least for now.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV/CBS) — On your mark, get set, and duck for cover!
B&B is kicking off one unforgettable epic sweeps storyline — so don’t miss a day this week, or you’ll regret it. The action kicks off when Stephanie faces off with Stephen; Jake MacClaine pops back into town with a secret and a grudge; a new face joins Forrester Creations; and Donna and Eric’s sexual escapades are interrupted by someone shocking; while Eric offers Storm and Stephen an interesting proposal!

Coronation Street (CBC) – Shocking story spoiler — Vera’s leaving!
As I previously reported, Liz Dawn is leaving the soap after 33 years as Vera Duckworth. If you don’t want to know how, stop reading right now. In a tear-jerking New Year’s plotline, airing in the U.K., Vera will die. However, three alternative death scenes have been written, but filming of only one script will take place in a closed-set environment and viewers will only learn of her fate when the episode airs in January.

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC) — Will Sami fall in love with EJ?
Now that EJ is paralyzed from being shot at his wedding to Sami, will the heroine fall in love with her new husband thanks to this little plot twist? It sure looks like it this week when Sami vows to stand, pun intended, by her rapist – er ... man. Also, Days continues to kick it up a notch this week when Kate makes a shocking confession on Tuesday, while Philip pulls Belle into a hot smooch, Roman learns EJ wasn’t the sole target, Lucas sends Will to Europe, Steve falls for Bo’s trap, and Ford’s hearing gets underway. Also, according to Soap Opera Digest, the soap plans to recast the role of Jeremy Horton with Dax Griffin (ex-Shane, B&B) now that Trevor Donavon has gotten the axe.

EastEnders (BBC Canada) — Sean who? New gay hunk to debut!
Canadians may have to wait a while, but news from across the pond is that EastEnders has created a new gay character to join the soap next year. Jane Beale's gay brother will turn up in Albert Square to stir up some trouble with Walford's residents. And you can creditCorrie Street for this inspired casting decision. A soap insider tells The Mirror: "EastEnders producers have seen how well Antony Cotton does as Sean in Corrie Street. He's become incredibly popular with viewers, so they've decided it's time to have a gay character of their own. However, he's not going to be as camp as Sean. This guy's going to be very suave and a real charmer." This isn’t the first time EastEnders has been light in the loafers: Colin and Barry, as well as Tony, Simon and Doctor Fonseca, have all come out of the closet.

General Hospital (CTV/ABC) — Stormy sentence! Lucky learns the truth! Emily returns!
In real life: After her Sept. 8 DUI arrest, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) pleaded no contest and was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to attend 12 AA meetings effective immediately. Also, the GH starlet's driver's license was suspended for six months and she was charged a $390 fine.

In reel life: Emily is dead-dead, but Emmy winner Natalia Livingston will continue in the role, appearing as a ghost to Nikolas until March 2008, much in the same vein as Stuart Damon (Alan) haunts Tracy. Expect Wally Kurth (Ned) and Scott Clifton (Dillon) to return for Emily’s funeral. This week, duck for cover when Lucky learns Jake is Jason’s son! Who tells him? Jason!

Guiding Light (Global/CBS) — Daniel Cosgrove is back when Bill beds Lizzie!
Nothing exciting on the Springfield front this week from what I can tell, but maybe something in here will manage to excite you. On Thursday, Edmund enlists Reva’s help to break up Josh and Cassie; Gus proposes to Natalia; Beth’s secret is exposed; Ashlee apologizes to Coop; Bill has sex with Lizzie (welcome back, Daniel Cosgrove, who is still pulling double-duty on Dirty Sexy Money); and Will proves he’s the devil in boy’s clothing

One Life to Live (A-Channel/ABC) — Marty and Cole: MIA! Marston fired! Gallo leaving!
All hell breaks lose on Tuesday when Dorian learns David married Alex Olanov! Meanwhile, Llanview learns there is a God when Marty and Cole go missing; Marcie settles down in Paris, Texas, albeit predictably; John and Ramsey get chummy; and another Buchanan heir pops up. Also, the lacklustre – but very lucky David Fumero (Crisitan) fiancée – Melissa Gallo (Adriana) is doing everyone a favour and leaving the soap as Adriana, she tells Soaps in Depth. No word if the role will be recast; a OLTL rep didn't return our call by press time.

As expected, ABC has confirmed that Nathaniel Marston (Michael) has been let go due to his most recent run-in with the law. An ABC spokesperson said, "Nathaniel has been a valuable member of the cast of One Life to Live, bringing Michael McBain and [Al Buchanan] to life for legions of fans. He leaves the show with our sincere appreciation for his many contributions and our support as he addresses personal challenges. We wish him well." Insiders report that the role will be recast as soon as possible. Too bad the original Michael, R. Brandon Walsh, is back on OLTL but playing another role, Chuck. Does this sexy and talented newcomer have bad luck or what?

Passions (DirecTV/SuperChannel) – Gwen poisoned!
What’s happening in Harmony? Not much, just the same ol’ nonsensical crap. This week, Gwen fights for her life when Theresa poisons her; Spike and Esme fall for each other; and Tabitha tricks Theresa.

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS) — Life-and-death decision: Victoria or the baby?
Victoria develops preeclampsia, which jeopardizes her unborn baby’s health this week. This devastates Victor, Nikki and JT, who must decided whose life to save — Victoria’s or the bambino’s. I’d choose the baby, since Amelia Heinle does nothing for me as Victoria despite a promising debut two years ago. Look for Brad to be involved in this contrived, stunty plot twist.

Shame on All My Children for overworking Cameron Mathison (Ryan) in a heavy frontburner storyline while he’s dancing his little heart out each week on Dancing With the Stars. The poor guy, who hasn’t seen his family in forever, is busy flying back and forth between the two coasts, which is costing him dire rehearsal time. Last week, my heart broke for Mathison, who stressed out over trying to fulfill all his obligations and yearned to see his family. AMC should be thankful for Mathison’s exposure and give the guy a break, for heaven’s sake! Considering AMC’s descent in the ratings recently, Mathison deserves damage pay and a paid vacation after all is danced and won.

1. One Life to Live
2. The Bold and the Beautiful
3. Coronation Street
4. General Hospital
5. As the World Turns

1. Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
2. Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)
3. Kate Ford (Tracy, CS)
4. Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL)
5. Maura West (Carly, ATWT)

1. Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL)
2. Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)
3. Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R)
4. Greg Vaughn (Lucky, GH)
5. Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, GL)

1. Carly and Jack, ATWT
2. Tracy and David, CS
3. Alex and David, OLTL
4. Sami and EJ, Days
5. Lizzie and Bill, GL

Published: Monday, November 12, 2007

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