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Steve Frame
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It all goes back to the number one thing in entertainment: FORMULA.

And soaps are guilty of it. They find a formula that works and they stick with it. The formula has worked for GH for years. All the way back to 1981 and even back to 1980 GH has pulled out the stops for sweeps. And certain things now are part of it all.

I enjoyed the Metro Court thing, but I am actually enjoying the Ball more. I love the gothic feel of it being in the mansion. I am loving the character focus and the tender moments esp. stuff like we are getting with Luke/Tracy. The battles with Luke/Scott and Luke/Zacchara. Loved the Lule/Spin stuff too. This has just more soapy feeling.

From the upcomng previews and things and scoops, GH looks like it is going to be a roll for a few months. I hope they can keep it up.
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