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Your right, Steve. However, those shows don't always bring out the big guns during sweeps. We seem trying to do things at different times during the year. It might not always end up good but at least it's not always sweeps. I hated Y&R's Clear Springs event but give them credit for doing it before sweeps. I know sweeps are important but other months should not be disregarded and attempts should be made to produce in those months too. I have seen several shows attempt things outside of sweeps this year. They didn't always succeed but I give them credit for trying.

GH never does that. It's sweeps or bust with them.

As far as balance goes, I want to be entertained. I want drama. I don't care that Y&R is featuring the right people because they don't feel like the same people to me. LML has butchered them all to me and the stories they are in suck so that doesn't help me to enjoy the people I love being on. Sorry.

Days and other shows may be ridiculously unbalanced but I don't feel like the characters are being destroyed on a daily basis for the most part, except in some instances on GH.
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