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Viewing Single Post From: The Suds Report (November 12)
Steve Frame
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Again we have to disagree. Y&R is not the only one guilty of butchering characters.

ATWT is constantly fucking up Carly these days.

Days has royally fucked Lucas and Sami (esp. Sami) and they can't make up their minds what EJ is. One day he's a rapist, the next not, one day is a raving maniac, the next he is not.

Y&R's major fault is Victoria. She is nothing like she should be. Victor, Jack, Jill, all those are exactly who they should be just in less than stellar stories. And way too plot driven stories. But again even Days is guilty of the plot driven mess lately esp. with the Sami/Lucas/EJ stuff.

And ATWT is way too plot driven and cliche ridden right now.

But I can take those less than stellar stories about people I care about over some of the other shows any day now.

Seriously right now none of the shows have anything to brag about. They are all in serious need of big time help on how to balance, how to quit going in circles, and how to write good stories about people we care about.

As far as all the shows are concerned this is except for GH and B&B the most lackluster November sweeps in years.
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