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But there's still the whole internet thing! If TV and the Internet end up merging(and more than likely they will), no doubt the studios, without the latest strike, will find a way to fuck over the writers and everyone else.

And if soaps *do* eventually decide to do a Best Of...you better well believe the writers, actors, and directors will want their cut.

I think it's scummy for the writers to continue to write during the strike. It's just very two-faced and they aren't revealing their identities. They still WANT the WGA benefits, but they don't want to walk the picket line, support their fellow writers, AND not give the networks what they want.

If it's true, I find it appauling that the BI-ed Y&R producer-writer is Josh Griffith. He has worked in both daytime and primetime.

It's just sick. I don't like the strike as much as anyone else, but at the same time, I'd like to see daytime pull together for this. No matter how shitty the writers are.
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