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No one is saying you will or that you have to give up your "52 inch flat screen HD TV that 20 people can watch at one time." What if cable companies make internet available through the programs you watch. Microsoft did it with WebTV. Apple has come up with a TV/Internet linkup device.

And what about the writers and people in charge of GH: NIGHTSHIFT? I heard that was made without a union agreement due to a loophole. Should Elizabeth Korte, Karen Harris, etc.(who are all soap writers, mind you) get screwed out of DVD Residuals and the streaming of episodes on SOAPnet's mobile service, SOAPnetic? They are soap writers and this strike affects them.

Rick Draughton writes NBC Online's COASTAL DREAMS on non-union pay and doesn't see a dime of any kind of internet ad revenue. Same with the writers for Innertube's L.A. Diaries.

Lots of people watch TV via the internet. I'm forced to watch B&B online when I can because I can no longer watch it on TV.

Crossing a picket line does not make a soap writer courageous. It makes them a scummy bastard.

And the thing is that *EVERYONE* is going without! The primetime writers have abandoned ship and people are getting fired left and right. These writers shouldn't have joined the union if they planned on betraying the very people who make sure they get health benefits, pension plans, residuals, etc.

Without a union, we'd probably have even more passionless writers because of all the people who would work for little pay.

I don't see what's so greedy about doubling residuals from DVDs and getting paid residuals from internet streamings. And I don't see why or how this doesn't affect soap writers?!

Granted, I am not a member of the WGA, but I can understand where they are coming from and I sure as hell can understand loyalty to your allies. You don't betray your union.
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