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Steve Frame
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Drew, I agree. GH is the only smart one right now. Sure you can give the other shows props for doing stuff at other times of the year but the other times of the year don't set the budget. Right now with things the way they are every soap should be doing all they can to make sweeps the best they can be. If you don't have the budget for the next year you can't do anything for any part of the year.

Y&R was smart in choosing the week they did theirs. They did it the week before sweeps started. I am sure they felt they would beat GH to the punch, reel people in and get them interested. Some of that worked, some didn't. The story has kept going. It didn't end that week. Even this week things are still happening that started that week. It is all good family drama. And Y&R can say that theirs started earlier too because as it has unfolded it all ties back to the Victor/Nikki war with one another.

I agree that soaps need to be good all year but the sad thing is that they aren't. I would rather my soaps be smart right now. Put out the good stuff in the month that it matters so that the budget is better for the next year. If they can get the budgets back up there is hope. If the budgets keep dropping soaps are dead.

And Chris I have to disagree about B&B being good all year. Just as many people that praised the Betty White story there were just as many that hated it. There was even a time this year that the show was so bad I couldn't watch. And there were many that felt the same way thus the ratings drop.

Yes the show has been on fire since the custody battle, the fight between Nick/Eric for Forrester, the rape, etc., but Ridge/Brooke round 9000 is hurting the show big time for many.
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