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I loved JM and JS together. They always seem to spark off one another. But these scenes were so poignant and filled with suppressed frustration. It would have been so easy for both actors to take the scenes over the top, but they used delicacy and subtlety and as a result the emotions were electric.

I just hate Roman. He is like a zombie with this set of rules that has no rhyme or reason. He has to be the one of the worst fathers in soapdom, yet he gins up enough hate to almost kill EJ for daring to marry Sami? Okay, Mr. Let Me Use My Daughter with you to get what I want!

Bo and Hope are always good. I love them working together and how Hope keeps Bo focused and thinking out of the box.

Lumi ugh, just ugh!!! I couldn't hate Lucas more. Everytime his face appears I want to scream. What a tool he is.

I loved Philip not being a pushover for Mommy. I do have this bad feeling that Kate is going to sacrifice herself for the nasty boy who she calls her son.
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