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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nov 13 2007, 03:56 PM
Something bothered me today. Kate told Philip that he was the one man that she could still count on. What about Victor? The two have bad history, but Victor has always been there for Kate when she hits rock bottom and needs him most. And at a time like this, Kate really needs Victor's power to keep her out of trouble. This would have been an awesome way to incorporate Victor into this DiMera/Brady storyline, which has still yet to be seen. The only time we've seen him throughout all of this was when he showed up at John's funeral for one scene.

The last time I checked, Victor and Kate were civil towards each other. They were on good terms, last time they were on, weren't they?

I didn't mind Kate considering Phillip the only man she could still count on. Victor hasn't always been there for her (otherwise she wouldn't have had to work at that diner after she burned down the Kiriakis mansion and Victor and Nicole wouldn't have worked together to plot against her). I do agree though that Kate and Victor's relationship isn't very fleshed out right now. The two of them shared that dance with mummy Phillip looking on in the mansion earlier this year and then... who knows what the hell happened between them? But I can fanwank away that Victor would be nonplussed by Kate's sleeping with Stefano and getting involved with the DiMeras.

Still, that's not to say I don't have my own huge issues with how they are writing Kate. Where is the consistency? Bitch is all over the place. One day she hates Sami, the next she decides FINALLY to believe Sami was raped, next she is ready to turn her grandchildren over to the DiMeras to break up the DiMeras, then she's groveling for forgiveness, then EJ dupes her into scheming to try to break up Lumi again, then she wigs out when she's found out and is begging for forgiveness of Lucas and then the next thing you know she's pointing a gun at Sami? As if that would help her win Lucas back? WTF?

Thank goodness for the JS and JM scenes though. Major major major kudos to James Scott for making me care about EJ's plight this much, even after he's done so many awful things to my other fave characters. The guy just has so much rootability as far as I'm concerned... whereas Lucas has like the anti-rootability. Either send Lumi on an extended off screen honeymoon or have Lucas turn back to the booze... just no more tears dammit!
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