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I was wondering about why Roman was so ready to defend Kate. I just wonder if maybe he saw her there with the gun. There is something about him lately that is weird and I just can't put my finger on it. I also thought it was weird the other day he saw that bullet hole in Sami's dress. It almost seemed like he knew it was there the whole time and was just waiting for the right moment to mention it. <_<

Lucas has been bothering me during this last run of Lumi. At times all he does is nag Sami like she is a little kid. I don't know if is BD's performance or just the way they are writing the character, but Lucas has been bothering me for a while.

Philip and Kate were interesting. It was nice to finally see a Philip that even though disgusts me, at least I could have a bit of respect for. It was nice to see a Philip that wasn't following Belle around begging her to be with him. And I have a feeling that Philip isn't going to get rid of that gun. Philip only thinks about Philip and if he can use that to his advantage, you bet he will.

Overall the show was alright. At least it seems like stories were moving along even if the show wasn't as exciting as other days.
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