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I loved loved loved these scenes with JS and JM. James hit all the right beats and truly brought me into EJ's suffering. I adore that man.

He was justifiably upset at finding out that he was paralyzed, and his little lean into Stefano, the father that he has worshipped for so so long...broke my heart.

Bope was cute, I loved Hope sliding right up to Bo. Their banter and their connection is so strong, even after all these years.

Philip was great and I'm really enjoying him even more this time around than the last time, at least with JKJ in the role.

One main moment that just ticked me off - Sami saying that Bo would know that Lucas isn't a killer.....except that he is! We can nitpick over whether he's a killer or a murderer, fact is on this show, he's taken two lives already. he's capable of that type of dark act, whether the writers want to admit it or not.

Either way, normally I don't really care about Lucas, but they've succeeded in making me hate him. I don't think that was their intent, but it's what happened.
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