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I understand both sides of the Ellen issue.

I can certainly understand why Ellen would want to go ahead with her shows. People had already gotten their tickets and gotten flights to her show and gotten their hotel rooms. To just suddenly cancel would be wrong, for the hundreds of people who made trips just to see her show.

However, it might cause her more negative press than it's worth, which could actually do some long-term damage, not necessarily in the eyes of her fans, but within the eyes of the industry and the WGA.

If I were Ellen, I would do only the number of shows that tickets had already been sold for, that way nobody is disappointed by a sudden cancellation, and then cease production indefinitely.

What if the strike goes on forever? I mean, I'm sure it won't... but what if it did? No television programming forever? Would that be expected of everyone? At some point, there has to be a break where people say, "Enough's enough. Let's get back to normal."

If Ellen wants to do a show where there's no script and she just ad-libs the entire thing, that's her prerogative and she has that right, completely. So long as she's not using their written material illegally, then she's doing nothing wrong. The WGA shouldn't just assume or expect every single person in Hollywood to give up their own passions and loves just because they want more cash. There are better ways to gain support than to simply crucify everyone that doesn't bend to their every whim. What's that old saying again, anyway? You attract more bees with honey than vinegar?

I dunno. It's a touchy issue. But honestly, I've been fucked over so many times by companies I work for. I've been paid shit wages for really, really hard work. Where was my strike? LoL Why wasn't I able to get national coverage and bitch to anyone who would listen and threaten to do bad things to all those who didn't cater to me?
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