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Red Mist
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Alrighty, I loved today's show. :D

The scenes with Joe/Steffy and Thaao/Tony were wonderful. The first thing I thought when I saw Thaao was ...Thank god...I have been missing him. The dialogue between the two characters was wonderful.

I have loved Lauren, but hated Kate Roberts for years, but today I found myself liking her...I am so confused.lol...She and Ej's heart to heart was good. You can tell Kate does care about him. I think she really cares for Steffy too.

James Scott's performance has been stellar. He is doing such a good job. I love watching he and Ali work together. I also love watching James and Joe work together. Chemisrty is major for me and these actors have it with James.

I love how Sami's subconscience comes to her as Auntie Colleen. The banter is fun to watch.

Ej and Sami's hospital scenes break my heart. The awesome power of chemisrty, the great dialogue and the tension is just wonderful. IMO we are watching the making of a great supercouple. LOVE IT!

I love how Phillip is protecting his family, but at the same time not putting up with their crap. Lucas again was king ass today...I am still on the fence if it is how BD plays him or how HS writes him, but I find to Lucas more and move vile a person. He was just obnoxious to Phillip, who was clearly watching his back as well precious Kate's.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the Colledge sl. I hated it for the same reason I hate daytime talk shows and the Life Time channel...I felt depressed while watching....even more depressed after watching. It made me feel hostile towards men...I hate that...so does my husband.lol I just might start FF through this sl.

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