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Good show today. I love these scenes with EJ and Stefano/Kate/Sami. James Scott is doing a great job with the material, and EJ seems so sad and defeated. It was good to hear him admit to Kate that his father always taught him to take what he wanted so he took Sami and that was a bad thing...it was a long time coming but good to hear him admit the wrongness of his actions and really mean it. It was interesting to hear Sami arguing with her subconscious self (manifested as Colleen) about the state of her denial. Lucas has been even more overbearing and obnoxious than usual, not only with Sami but also with his mother and Philip. I really, really, really want him to be the one who shot EJ so he can be locked up for a long time and I don't have to see or hear him ever again. The return of the Sami/EJ chemistry in scenes this week (along with the mention and brief flashback of the dance on the pier...sigh) has made Lucas even more intolerable to me, and I just want him out of the picture completely.

I'm very curious as to what Philip's thinking is regarding the gun. I can actually appreciate the character when he's away from Belle and involved in another story.

Stephanie's flashbacks are getting annoying, as is the constipated look she gets on her face whenever she's remembering whatever happened. This storyline is losing me fast...but I still love Morgan!
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