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Good show.

Nice seeing Tony again. Seems Thaoo is back from Australia. Love him being sarcastic and his scenes with Stefano always rock. Joe and him work so well together. It was also nice seeing Tony and Kate in the same scene. I was hoping for more there but oh well. Love that we are seeing so much of Kate and Stefano. Nice seeing Kate doing something more meaningful and having Stefano up and around and not laying or sitting is great. Kate seems to really care for EJ and I thought her scenes with him had good layers to them.

JS is really rocking it this week and that last scene was beautiful and I am a LUMI fan. The music, Ali, James...wow. I also love Colleen talking to Sami. It reminds me of the "mini Samis" that came to Sami under JER during his second stint to serve as her conscience. It's helping to bring the spark back to Sami too and her hair also seems different. Did she go back to her old hair color?

Lucas/Philip was good. Nice to see them doing new things. JKJ was really good today and I wonder where this gun thing is going. Nice seeing them have scenes as brothers after so long.

The sorority story is pretty much my favorite story right now because it's so realistic and being written with care, thought, and effort. Good acting by all. Nice seeing Billie get something to do. Love Chelsea showing her spark. Shelley is doing a good job with the internal conflict. Nice nod to history mentioning Kayla's rape and what Rebert did to Chelsea. Morgan was great too. Love her. Ford, the dead, and Ford's father were jackasses.

I hope tomorrow can cap off this solid week strongly.
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