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Viewing Single Post From: "Grey's" Cast on Writer's Strike
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Here's another

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Sara Silverman, Felicity Huffman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kathy Griffin, Cameron Manheim, Ben Stiller, David Spade, Jason Ritter, Laura Linney, Jason Alexander

OMG I love Sara Silverman and her posters :lol:

"Hitler hated artists too"

"Nick Counter eats farts"

"AMPTP We Really Hate You Right Now"

"You'll be a rich dick either way, Why not be fair?"


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William Peterson, Lily Tomlin, Zach Braff, Sara Silverman, Nia Vardalas, Nicolette Sheridan, Ron Rifkin, John Amos, Marg Helgenberger, Lisa Kudrow, Felicity Huffman, Minnie Driver, Sean Astin,
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