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I love Cold Case. It's my favorite crime procedual if not my favorite TV drama.


I thought tonight's episode was really good. The murder victim tonight was a teenage girl from the 1960s that dressed like a boy. The suspects were her father who didn't understand her and has had to move several times because she kept getting kicked out of school because would get in trouble with people. A loner bad boy that she befriended and didn't take too well when he discovered she liked him and kissed him. The bitchy school slut that didn't like her and was pissed for being called out for the phony she is by the girl. The school bully that picked on her. And a hospital that her father eventually took her to to "cure" her of "gender identity disorder." The hospital used teached "confused girls" how to be a lady and used these electrode tests to "cure" them when they didn't "progress." One of those sessions left her almost in a pod state. The loner bad boy came to rescue her after a nurse tipped him off to what they were doing to her, but he was too late. She managed to tell him that she wanted to be "free" -- he understood that she wanted him to assist her suicide. He reluctantly smothered her with a pillow and I assume the hospital had dumped her body somewhere thinking that their methods had killed her. It was one of those episodes and my summary doesn't do it justice. It was one of those episodes that really pulls you in ... something Case doesn't more often than not.

Also, the boss (I can't think of his name) was recommended to suspend Valens for a month but he chose not took and took the heat instead, so the higher ups suspended him for month instead. He placed Jeffries in charge during his absence.
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