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"Let's Get Owen" = The episode will introduce Brett, Owen's hot-headed 35-year-old brother. He is intimidating, imposing and smart. Also in the episode is Amikuay, a fashion model from NYC, who is the girlfriend of one of Nick's friend. She is watching over Nick's loft while he is away and, even if she is already seeing someone, she develops an interest in Eddie.

"How to Kiss Hello" = The episode introduces Rizzo and Sneaky Pete, two friends of the Commander, who are at a local bar; two twins who try to get Eddie's attention at the Homecoming party; and a TV repairman who must give a terrible news to Phil (his TV is dead). Also in the episode, Nick, Ronnie and Owen are caught breaking into a professor's office by a campus policeman.

"The Infidelity Tour" = Owen is upset that people didn't see something happen (sorry we don't know the details but it seems to involve two people, one was upset). He walks around town with Nick and talk about it. This walk will trigger Nick to remember the first time he met Hannah. 9-year-old Hannah falls down from the swing and Nick offers help. The two of them stop at Ikey's house and talk with his mother.

"Deck the Howls" =This episode will be set at Christmas time. A drunk caroler holds a mistletoe over Hannah and Nick's heads. Will they honor the tradition? The episode will feature flashbacks of a 16-year-old Nick and his mother, Caroline. Those scenes will reveal that Nick bought a heart-shaped pendant for Hannah.

"One Around the Block" = Ray's manipulative ex-wife Christine is back in town. She had first left Knight's Ridge for Boston to become a surgeon. Christine is not happy at all when she sees how much Hannah is important to Ray ant he twins, leaving little space for Christine. It is possible that Christine becomes a recurring character. Aubrey's friend Taylor flirts with Ronnie.

Revenge of the Cupcake" = While at Sully's Tavern, Ikey gets some free words of advice from the 60-year-old owner Sully. Ray drops in on the conversation and tells Ikey that at least one person would be willing to employ him. Physical Phil is auditioning drummers. Nick and Eddie meet with Carter Bumps about school renovations. The meeting gets ugly when Carter reminds Nick where they have met before. Owen meets with Carter later to try to smooth things over. The gang attends Karaoke night at Sully's.
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