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I had started a Dexter thread last week, after the shocking ending with Doakes finding the trophies..but i can't find it...

But Drew, i'm so glad you started a new one..Dexter is so fucking phenomenal right now..I was so excited when Doakes became the prime suspect and it looked like Dexter was in the clear..But of course they had to pull a crazy twist with Doakes catching Dexter trying to get rid of one of his victims..There is no going back now..The ending with Doakes in the cage was shocking..Next week should be very intense.. Also i'm also glad that Dexter and Rita have reunited, it just ups the ante..Now Dexter has more to lose...

Really the best thing about this show is i have no idea what they have planned..I'm completely spoiler free..And you never know what the writers are going to throw at us..
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