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Nov 27 2007, 07:34 AM
Nov 27 2007, 01:07 AM
If Dial Idol is accurate, then Mel and Maks win.  It's frightening to me that Helio and Marie are so close....sigh.

Mel clearly won tonight.  Helio made huge errors.  If you missed them, then rewatch.

Jean, I checked dial idol as soon as I woke up this morning, great minds. It looks like Mel and Maks won. I thought the final was the worse I've seen except for the Helio and Julianne final freestyle. I've come to think that the everyone was extremely tried out because there wasn't any umph in it at all. I think also the free style held them down a bit as is looked as if the guys were having a hard time lifting the girls. They are bigger ladies than Kelly Monaco was, for example. Her partner was able to throw her all over the place in the finals. Overall I'm happy if Maks and Mel won.

Dialidol is having issues. The raw numbers have Helio winning and Mel coming in third and If you look at the dihardgraphs, they stop at 8:28PM, right before the last dances of the night. This has been discussed on several boards and someone even sent an email to dialidol asking for the problem to be addressed and they said the results pages froze after 8:28PM. So, any voting after that was not displayed on the page. I guess these are the numbers that the person who emailed recieved. They were posted on the DWTS forums.

"Someone posted an explanation to someone's request for clarification on Dialidol scores. Here's what they posted:

Don't bother with IDOL's scoring system. Go straight to the 'raw score', that should give you a heads up as far as the public vote. For instance tonight, here are the scores: Public Vote (Idol's) Judges' Votes:

Couple Judges' Public Share (Judges) Share (Public) Combined (50%) Rank

Helio/Juliane 54 868 34.848% 55.78% 45.31% 1

Marie/Jonathan 46 604 29.68% 38.82% 34.25% 2

Mel/Maks 55 82 35.48% 5.40% 20.44% 3

If the pubic votes resemble what ABC tabulated for each couple. Mel/Maks is likely to go home. So it will be a Helio/Marie Finale."

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