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The dialidol numbers were wrong on all accounts. Weird. Goes to show you that they mean shit outside of Idol because they usually are accurate there.

I was so happy Marie left because I was happy with either Mel or Helio. They both deserved it. Mel was the most consistent and Helio was the second most consistent and it just came down to last night. Maks did what he did last year and I think he knew it. He played it too safe and you can't just rely on dancing during the freestyle. You have to provide energy and drama and Helio had more of that. I wish a woman would win though but this does setup a possible Cheryl vs Julianne battle at some point as they both have two titles. I would love to see that.

Floyd's excuse for not dancing was lame. I can't stand him or Karina. Kym and Mark were a joy and Albert and Anna were so entertaining. Josie...eh, who cares. Jane and Tony were class as usual. Cameron has gotten so annoying I couldn't even enjoy what was his best dance. The whole taking off the shirt bit was funny. I love Drew Lachey. Can we please fire Samantha and bring Drew to DWTS? He's great and showed that early this season.

Jennie proved tonight why she should've been in the final. Marie getting there sucked and she was very subdued tonight. She clearly realized how she fucked up both in dancing and attitude last night, just like her brother did last week. Marie's last dance was nice but showed why she should've went home.

I knew the judges were going to give 30's on the last dances to Mel and Helio but they were actually deserved. Loved the prolonged Helio/Julianne kiss and Mel's pinching Tom's ass or kissing him never gets old.

Celine was nice and I loved the montage that was set to her new song. The show did a good job with the way they handled the usual filler reminiscing by adding in dances from the eliminated dancers in between all the montages. It worked great and saving the final two dances for the end worked well.

Nice seeing Apolo there and it was hard to believe I just noticed Adrian Bellani has been there every week for Helio.

The crowd clearly approved of Helio winning and Mel and Maks were class acts. Love them. Loved the milk bring brought out for Helio too. The celebration was nice but they need to allow more time from now on for the aftermath. They rush the end all the time. Hell, Marie got more time for her goodbye, which is nice but let's do that for everyone.

What I didn't like was all the Sabrina pimping. We get it. She left early. Let's move on. Nice seeing Cheryl and Wayne. Loved Jane and Tony's lift jab at Carrie Ann and I loved how Tom called out Josie on her pimping and she pointed down to Marie and says she does it too. Jennie was hilarious with Tom when being interviewed as well.

All in all tonight was ok. Last year's finale was still the best as it could've easily been Joey or Apolo. This one I knew going on based on the crowd and all. Last night kind of ruined everything, which is sad because this was the best, most dramatic, and most competitively balanced season and it ended in a lackluster way for what it was. Hopefully, spring will be better but congrats to both Mel and Helio. At least the best two were there at the end.
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