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Nov 27 2007, 11:16 PM
I think Kelly Monaco deserved it. They nailed her the first week. Everyone thought she was going home, and she just improved every week and was amazing week to week.

That was when the show was good, and they didn't cast like five people of the same sex and in the same age range. Now, it's just a clusterfuck when the season first starts.

Your exactly right. They try to balance the genders and I hate that. Just go and find the best cast you can. They always add in two unknowns too so they can buy some time for others to build fanbases. I hate that and I hate how the predictable the judging patterns have become. That is why Idol will always be tops over this for me. They usually get it right in the end for the most part and it's unpredictable.

Your also right about Kelly. She deserved to win that for the same reasons Drew, Emmitt, Apolo, Mel, and Helio did. They all learned to dance in front of your eyes and that is what this show is all about. It's not about already knowing how to an extent like John, Stacy, Mario, and Sabrina did. It makes you invest when you see the development before your eyes.

It seems they are changing the judging and scoring system next year. I heard they will reduce the impact of the people's votes and may even add a wild card round so the judges can bring back someone that shouldn't have gone. We'll see.
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