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Total Viewers
Shrek the Halls 21.1 million
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 18.8 million
Criminal Minds 16.4 million <------Series High in Viewers
CSI: NY 14.1 million
Pushing Daisies 10.2 million <-------Best Numbers since 10/10
Christmas in Rockefeller Center 9.0 million
Dirty Sexy Money 7.2 million
Kid Nation 7.0 million
Kitchen Nightmares 7.0 million
Life 6.3 million
Til Death 6.0 million
Bionic Woman 5.9 million
America’s Next Top Model 5.0 million
Gossip Girl 3.0 million

Shrek the Halls 7.2/20
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 6.8/17
Criminal Minds 4.5/11
CSI: NY 4.1/11
Pushing Daisies 3.8/9 <---------Best Demos since Premiere week
Kitchen Nightmares 3.3/8
Dirty Sexy Money 2.6/7
America’s Next Top Model 2.4/7
Til Death 2.3/6
Life 2.2/6
Bionic Woman 2.2/5
Kid Nation 2.1/6
Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2.0/6
Gossip Girl 1.4/4
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Wed Ratings: Minds hit new high, Daisies way Up · Primetime Discussion