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Nov 30 2007, 11:35 AM
Saleisha went to Tyra's young model/young independent woman camp (or whatever it is) when she was a teen so I don't know if that will work towards her favor because Tyra wants a success story or against her because Tyra doesn't want to show favoritism.

I think Saleisha is gorgeous though. Her personality sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

Bianca is a bitch, but man, she is who she is, and she takes great pictures.

I'm sad about Heather leaving. But the truth is she couldn't handle it. I was hoping against hoping and knowing better. She will do well for herself, I'm sure. You all really don't understand how much families of Autistic children and adults have been rooting for Heather. Everyone who knows a child with this kind of disability, knows how well Heather handled herself. She is a winner.

I like Saleshia and Jennah. And yes, Bianca is a bitch but that's exactly what is needed if 'you wanna be on top?' :)
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