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This is my favorite new show.

Brian is my favorite Darling and he and Brian Jr broke my heart last wendesday.

I loved all of it from, the reveal (though I have thought it would be Brian from the beginning) that Brain was a George not a Darling, to the scene with Letiticia and Brian with the "Were you ever going to tell me, if Nick hadn't forced you?" and then his "You let me hate him my whole life" to her "Would it have mattered if you knew the truth" and then his simple "Yeah". And then him holding the door open and saying "I lost two fathers and a son today"

And of course the Nick and Brian scenes.

But the ending in the cab with teh littl eboy looking back at his dad and Brian in teh streets with tears in his eyes, had me wishing a horrid death on the mother of Brian Jr.

Seriously this is the best show. I can't wait for Wednesday.
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