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Dec 5 2007, 05:45 PM
I really don't think the Tudor's would have to be edited much. Just the nudity.

As for Dexter, The violence on Criminal Minds isn't any worse :lol:

Hell, Criminal Minds has showed arrows going though people. throat slashings, A serial killer who stabbed women in the stomache (very graphically), Rape, Molestation, Cannibalism, and very graphic torture scenes, (cutting off a finger with wire cutters, making a woman walk on broken glass barefoot, bashing a head in with a hammer, bombers, hunting people for sport, and even a SAW ripoff episode

My guess is that it will air at 10:00pm which is a more leniant timeslot.

Dexter isn't too graphic, in regards to the violence and killing scenes.

However, the word "fuck" is said, like... every two minutes, LoL. I hate it when they do the cheesy voiceovers and the character ends up sounding like a robot. Totally takes me out of the scene.

Also, on Dexter, he's considered the "rootable guy." The hero, if you will, despite being a serial killer. It's not necessarily the killing, but the way in which it's written with Dexter as "the hero" that would anger too many people, IMO. I don't think that would fly on CBS, having the bad guy being written as the character you're supposed to root for. It's like a more extreme version of Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, LoL.
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