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Michael Ausiello

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Question: What's going to happen on Dexter? You never talk about this show — and there are only two episodes left! Come on, give me something! — Marianne
Ausiello: Thanks to a little thing called a portable DVD player, I killed all 10 airborne hours flying to and from L.A. this weekend (fight on, Trojans!) watching the entire second season of Dexter — and that includes this Sunday's penultimate episode as well as the Dec. 16 season finale. And without giving too much away, I can tell you that A) the final two eps are bloody good, B) there are two major deaths — one of which shocked even me, and C) we'll see Dex do something he's never done before: tell someone he's close to that he's the Bay Harbor Butcher — five times, no less.

Question: Will Lundy be back next season on Dexter? Any new spoilers on whether or not his relationship with Deb continues? — Alex
Ausiello: All I'll say is it's not looking good for these two — and hallelujah to that. The Deb-Lundy romance was as ill-conceived as it was clumsily executed, and it dragged down what was otherwise a solid sophomore season. There were times I felt like the show's writers had handed their scenes off to someone at October Road to pen. Heck, the couples on The Hills have more nuanced dialogue than these two.

Question: Give me some Dexter prattle, or I may have to think of a couple of Dexter-ish schemes to use on you. — Megan
Ausiello: Lila's love affair with fire will be rekindled — and this time someone gets burned.

Josh in Fairfield, Ohio: Dexter has been nothing short of amazing and has now become my most anticipated show of the week. Any news to hold me over?
It's a little-known fact, but Dexter Morgan's middle name is actually Nail-Biting Suspense. The final two episodes will have you throwing yourself off the couch every five minutes as you freak out about what's going to happen next. Must...resist...spoilers...Let's just say the only predictable storyline is Deb and Lundy. Everything else? Crazy and crazy-good.

Trudy in Kansas City: Please tell me Dexter and Rita end up together. I can't stand that Lila trollop!
Gaaah! Stop asking me! I'm too weak! Let me just say that as far as Lila goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet! The evil of the "pale titty vampire" knows no bounds, and as you saw last night, Batista is her next prey.

Francisco in New Orleans: Are there any main characters from this season who won't be back on Dexter next year?
I must. I can't. I shouldn't...but...I count three main characters MIA by season's end—by death, dismemberment or relocation.

Jeff in Orange County, California: Okay, I'm calling it now...At the end of the season, everyone is gonna think Lila is the Bay Harbor Butcher.
Don’t make me say it. Okay...No.
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