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I was virtually gasping for air during tonight's episode! Every scene was so important and intricately woven together to keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what was going to happen next.

Lila is a crazy bitch! I love the GPS twist, though. Debra, that man-looking cunt... I wanted Lila to slam her fist across the bitch's face tonight! I hate how Debra is always using her job to do personal damage to people, even if they deserve it. Ever heard of professionalism, bitch?

I love Dexter daydreaming about telling Debra that he's the Bay Harbor Butcher, each time with her reaction differently. Hilarious. I was actually expecting him to confess the truth! Dexter, now that his rules have been tossed out the window (thanks to learning the truth about Harry's death), is really starting to step off the edge and come across as truly unpredictable and dangerous. Creepy! I can see him having a major breakdown soon, realizing what all he's done and coming to grasp with just how much damage he's caused as a result of his actions over the span of his lifetime. I think that the "series" finale of the show should end with Dexter coming to terms with his actions and then recieving the lethal injection.

Doakes escaping from the cage, only to end up right back in there so reminded me of a JER-esque twist, LoL. I enjoyed it, though.

Next week looks absolutely BREATHTAKING.
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