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Ravenbeauty, who is a ABC soap spoiler, took time out of her usual column to comment on Heather Rhetson, the girl with Aspergers syndrome who caused such a sensation this cycle on ANTM. I think she speak for many of us who were rooting for Heather:

"Before we head off into the scoops and spoils I wanted to give Heather from America's Next Top Model a huge cyber hug! Heather you are probably the most beautiful girl this show has ever had in their ranks. You had America rooting for you with good reason. I think most of us are still in shock by the behavior from the remaining girls who knew full well you had a disability and suffer from autism. Making fun of the fact that you had trouble finding your Go-See's in China all alone or the fact that you struggled with things they would obviously have no trouble with made this season the first where I don't care who wins anymore. That was out and out malicious and detracted from any beauty I might have seen in the remaining contestants. Competition is understandable but their behavior towards you was unforgivable. Making fun of a beautifully stunning girl because she has a disability was an all time low for this show and a real disappointment. As Tyra said you will probably end up getting offers from all around the world because you could make a fortune in print work. You are a truly beautiful girl on the inside as well as the outside. As for Bianca I think she tops the list as the nastiest piece of work I've seen come along in some time. Something tells me we will be picking up a magazine and seeing you splashed on the cover very soon. For me you were the winner. You did an amazing job Heather. Hugs girl."


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