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Did anyone catch the after-aftershow? You had to log onto MTV to watch it. They basically brought out Lo, Jen Bunney, Elodie, Chiara, Frankie and Jarod to join the other four (Audrina, Whitney, Lauren and Brody). And then they had screens in front of everyone so that when pictures came up, the cast could draw on them, just like Jesse and Danni do on a regular basis on their aftershows. The only people that added anything to the aftershow, after bringing all of these people out, were Frankie and Jarod. The others said nothing and were pretty much sitting there the entire time. Stupid.

It was funny, though, when Stephanie Pratt's picture came up on screen. Frankie drew "Wannabe Paris Hilton" on her picture, and then asked who the actress was that shoplifted. Everyone said Wynonna, and so he wrote her name on the picture as well.

Then, we got a trailer for the next season of The Hills, but it was primarily based on Lauren and Whitney's trip to Paris. Lauren meets this fugly guy in Paris that looks like Justin Bobby in about 7 years. That was pretty stupid as well. Apparently, Brody got a girlfriend 2 days after Lauren left and she was crying about that.

It was pretty dumb.

Although I did find some information from a source that says that Heidi will not be returning next season, and it will only be Lauren, Audrina, Whitney, and MAYBE Lo. That's pretty exciting. I hate Heidi and Spencer and it will be awesome to have them free from this show. And I love Lo, so if she's on next season, sweet!
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