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Lauren pissed me off a lot this season too - you can see in her spoiled little eyes when she's pissed off. She expects everything to go the way SHE wants it. Oh and I can't stand Brody - I'm kind of sick of this 'generation'.

I love Audrina - I have a mini-crush though.

Whitney has always been boring, but she's a nice LEGIT girl.

I enjoy watching Heidi and Spencer too - mainly bc it is funny - I don't necessarily root for them.

I'm guessing they are only starting the new season immediately bc of the writer's strike - so they are getting it out ASAP. That is the only reason. But Heidi/Spencer better be in it - MTV and Lauren both know they are part of it all - they are a big draw too.

I'm just excited for the 4 episode holiday run of Newport Harbor!!!! That Chrissy has found herself a new boy :(
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