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A fourth season of Kathy Griffin’s Emmy-winning Bravo reality series My Life on the D-List will begin production on New Year’s Eve and air next June.

“We are actually starting season four. We are going to actually start taping on New Years Eve and then it will be back in June and hopefully people will like it,” Kathy told Access Hollywood.

While her series employs no writers (“As if my show could ever afford writers to begin with. What writers?” It’s somebody with a camcorder following me into the bathroom. That’s what my TV show is.”), Kathy said that she supports the writers in their strike. “I think the view people need to realize, too — it’s really not the writers being whiney. It’s really these corporations are making so much money from all this Web content and we all see those pop up commercials. So somebody is getting that money, and it is not the writers at this point,” she said.
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