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Anyone else watch?

First off, What a great episode! The perfect blend of Comedy and Drama.

It was nice to get more backstory into Emmerson's life. Surprised he's a father.

Chuck and Ned were so darn romantic, and I'm so glad that Olive and Chuck are friends now.

Note to the producers: Sign Paul Rubnens to a contract, His character Oscar Vibenius is comedic genuis.

Everything was moving along nicely, then the narrator started talking

"She wished she knew her father. She wished she knew her mother. She wished the piemaker could comfort her by holding her close, Not all those can come true, but one can. Chuck does, in fact, know her mother; she just doesn't know it"

In a hallucination induced by Olive overdosing the pie with antidepressants, Aunt Lily reveals to Olive that she, in fact, is Chuck's mother! The End

What a cliffhanger for a fall finale
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