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I was not the least disappointed in the whole show except for a tiny pang when Todd was crowned the winner. I rather suspected it though because when he was questioned, his responses really made sense and rang true. Wow, it just made Amanda look like she just lied her way along and of course, Courtney just went along for the ride. Given that, I think I would have voted for Todd, too.

Loved, loved, loved all the James love LOL. He is a hottie and so cute. What a darling little boy he looked. That photo in Peoples, woohoo. Did anyone see it? I don't buy People, but may have to get that copy.

I just wondered why there wasn't a challenge for the final two instead of voting directly from the final three. That did sort of bother me, but I know it's been done this way before, too.

Didn't Courtney look super? She was stunning. I think they all looked great, but she and Piegh-Gee were really outstanding. Jamie looked so cute and Eric. Do you believe that he is still a virgin?

Hooray for James winning the Sprint $100,000 popularity award and Denise for coming in second. Really great of the show to give her $50,000, too. She just needs to find another job.

It's going to be fun looking forward to a new Survivor very soon.

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