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Dec 16 2007, 11:18 PM
Todd had some AMAZING answers though.  His answer to Jean-Robert - and how the entire jury laughed bc he was able to shut JR up - was awesome.  JR and Jamie both said they changed their votes after Todd's answers.

Todd totally deserved to win that game IMO.  Tonight's episode proved it.  I like Amanda - but she was just lucky she was in immunity challenges with 2 90 pound people and 1 big clumsy lady left in this game.  Had she been with others, I doubt she would have won any immunity challenges, and she would have looked like the coattails-rider just like Courtney.  Bc that is what both Amanda and Courtney did - ride on Todd's coattails.

Not sure why Jamie was total bitch during the jury Q&A.  What was she trying to prove there?  lol - she was laughable...and Courtney's total brush off of her attitude was hilarious.

I can't believe how crazy different Courtney looked - as well as Todd's hair.  I loved how Denise was given money too - that is soooo sad that she got fired from her lunch lady job and is stuck being a janitor on the nightshift - where she can't even eat dinner with her family.  That is such a sad story.

:D I totally agree. After Todd said his peace after being asked the questions by the jurors. I realized he definitely deserved to win the game. He played one hell of a game. Congrats Todd. I also think Amanda hurt herself big time by showing herself to be a liar and not being honest about it and not apologizing to Denise for voting her out, yet apologizing to the asshole Jean-Robert!? WTF?!? I also felt sad for Denise and glad Mark Burnett decided to give her $50,000 too. I was rooting for her to get the $100,000, but ok with James getting it. Courtney looked so fucking hot, I even thought she looked hotter than Amanda (and I usually like the brunettes the best). btw, Peh-Gee looked hot herself. I totally predicted Jaime & Erik, and agree about not getting her being such a bitch at the final Tribal. Jaime looked cute too. I think Erik's been lying all along about being a virgin.

The next season looks awesome. I bet James will be the 1 from this season to be on the show.
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