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Dec 17 2007, 06:48 AM

In my mind, Todd and Amanda played the exact same game only Todd was a cocky little dick the whole time and laughed at people as they were voted off and had their dreams shattered. Amanda had a little more class. That, and it sounds like he had a better final TC. I like players who can lie and manipulate and be ruthless but who are more humble about it like Courtney and Amanda.

BOO! This will greatly affect China going down as one of my favs! :angry: I think I still have to hand it to Pearl Islands and Borneo.

I agree. I think if someone can screw people over but be more sneaky like Amanda are better. (Great example of that was Danni beating Stephenie in Guatemala.) All Amanda had to tell the jury was yeah she screwed them over but she didn't have to backstab the same people like Todd did. Instead she played the "I didn't want to vote for any of you." PG finally called Amanda out and Amanda finally confessed to being the one who took James out. I don't think Amanda would of confessed had PG not called her out on it.

Courtney actually had a great Final TC until she told the jurors that Todd deserved the million bucks. DAMN Courtney lol.

I did love Courtney's "I hate kids" remark at the reunion.

My Ranking of seasons after this season:

1. Pearl Islands
2. Guatemala- Very underrated season imo. With a great winner.
3. Borneo
4. China
5. Outback
6. Marquesas
7. Vanuatu
8. Exile Island
9. Amazon
10. Africa
11. All Stars
12. Fiji
13. Cook Islands
14. Thailand
15. Palau- I just truly detest this season. It was so predictable. Watching Ulong go one by one then Tom controlling the whole game. Plus I hated Stephenie's "My tribe sucks" whining.

My Winners Ranking (Based on playing the game and not who I like.):

1. Richard (Borneo)
2. Brian (Thailand)
3. Yul (Cook Islands)
4. Todd (China)
5. Tina (Outback)
6. Danni (Guatemala)
7. Tom (Palau)
8. Earl (Fiji)
9. Chris (Vanuatu)
10. Vecepia (Marquesas)
11. Sandra (Pearl Islands)
12. Jenna (Amazon)
13. Aras (Exile Island)
14. Amber (All Stars)
15. Ethan (Africa)

<3 showing Darrah jumping off the boat in the preview for next season. I only wish Darrah would be back :makeout:
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