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Courtney was not the least bit humble in my opinion and she might not enjoy knowing anyone thought so either LOL.

Amanda was just as phony as an humble person as she is at lying about being sorry she backstabbed people. It would have been honest and straightforward of her to admit that it was what she had to do to play her game. I liked her until the tribal counsel when she put on that phony downcast look...ugh.

Courtney didn't play the game. She was falling through the loops just like she said and she was probably the most honest of them all, really. I think the ones who voted for her just refused to vote for the liars, Amanda and Todd. Who voted for Courtney besides Denise?

I liked Denise until the end when she became more begging. Not to say that I begrudge her anything, though. She was my favorite next to James, too.

James and Courtney may end up being the biggest winners of this season, though. I can see things happening for them.
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