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First of all my reaction was... seriously?? Todd?!?!

BUT thinking now, had I been in that jury, I would totally vote for Todd to win too.

His answers were awesome! He is such a great liar and manipulator (what he did to J.R. at the TC was hilariously amazing!) and he can sugarcoat anything. His answer seemed cohesive and true, while Amanda pretty much looked pathetic with her sad eyes, apologizing to people and Courtney being... well, Courtney! :lol:

I loved the reunion show! It was so great! So fun! Had so much laughs!

I loved how Jeff mentioned all those big moments of the season.

And Court, Amanda and Todd look sooo much different now! :lol: I didn't even recognize them at first!

I just didn't like how he asked Erik about being a virgin. I mean, it's such a personal question. But I do have to give it to Erik for admitting that he's still a virgin. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, but it's just... well something that I don't think it's that common today... I don't know.. maybe I'm wrong...

If Denise's story is true, then I really feel bad for her. But if she lied, then WOW! I did kinda feel she was using her situation as her tactic.

It's hilarious how two people I hated the most this year in reality shows won (Dick and now Todd). I wonder if Nate and Jenn will win TAR?! :lol:
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