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BTW Peih-Gee is posting at sucks. I've died and gone to heaven.

As for the half all-stars.

Fairplay: Hate him but he deserves it. I really don't see him lasting long though. He's pretty hated.

Ami: Meh. I really hated her but started to like her at the end of Vanuatu. I could see her go early too. The guys might get to scared she'll go "woman power" again.

Eliza: WOOO!! I'll be rooting for her. I could totally see her alligning with Ami.

Cirie: Love her. She'll have to use her masterful social skills to keep her alive though as she may be a target for being weak.

Jonathan: Glad he's back. I always enjoyed him in Cook Islands. I could see him and Eliza alligning together as well.

Parvati: Meh. I think they could of casted someone better.

Ozzy: GROSS. Can't stand him.

Yau Man: <3 Hopefully he can last long.

James: Don't really care for him.

Amanda: I'm glad she's getting a 2nd chance. Hopefully, she doesn't screw herself again.
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