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AMC is a horrdi show with an amazing opening. OLTL's just doesnt fit tho, and i love GH's opening, it fits perfectly.

GL's is horrid and wful and tragic and needs to go. G-U-I-D-I-N-G-L-I-G-H-T was better than this crap.

ATWT's is awful. it looks like some cheap thing made by a fan not knowing what they are doing.

Y&R's is perfect and B&B's could be great if it wasnt done so fast and they didnt have the char names.

Days... i love it. but i wouldnt mind a new one. one where they ahve the hourglass but then zoom in on it show key cast members (hobo, marlena, sami, maggie/alice, etc)then come out to the hourlgass again.
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