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Sexy Jew

The only good thing about ATWT's opening is the music...it's similar to the music they had during the 80s and 90s.

The graphics suck. Gold, Goutman? Gold? You went gold before, and it sucked. Why try it again. I hate how ATWT's opening have had like one dominant color these past few years, gold, blue, and now gold again. The absence of a globe is terrible also.

Yeah the farm scenes suck also. It reminds me of one of the first versions of GL's HOTL opening, but it worked for them. For ATWT it doesn't because there's clearly a an agenda here to prop up the Snyders as the only core family of the show, and it's a pathetic attempt at that. Their attempt is as pathetic as GL's to make the Cooper's their only core family.

Guiding Light's opening is horrible! Simply horrible. I get at what their trying to do here, trying to make theirs as classic as DAYS with the epigram. However the graphic is terrible, and they should have went with an announcer or something.

Back to the graphics, the hands are silly, lame, and cheap. The start of the opening reminds me of Futurama (if anyone understands what I'm talking about).

The oldest soap shouldn't have this opening, especially not for their 70th year on air. They deserve more.
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